Feb 27, 2013

Review: Krispy Kreme - Oreo Donut Review

Krispy Kreme's Oreo Donut (or Cookies and Kreme Donut) is a yeast donut filled with Oreo-flavored creme, topped with dark chocolate icing and crushed Oreo pieces.

I picked one up for $1.19.

Like the Oreo Cake Donut, the Oreo Donut features a delightful creme that tastes like Oreo cookie wafers and Oreo creme filling. It's the Oreo-flavored creme that really makes the donut. It's really addicting and the creme is better integrated into the donut over the cake donut version.

The differences here are the squishy soft, airy, yeast dough, the lack of glaze, and the dark chocolate icing. The donut crumb has the same cloud-like texture as an Original Glazed and just a slight bit of chew. If you leave one of these for a day, you can't really microwave it though, with the chocolate and creme filling and all.

The lack of glaze keeps the sweetness at a more balanced level and lets the Oreo and dark chocolate flavors better express themselves. Because of that, the Oreo Donut is definitely my favorite of the two and a "must-try" for Oreo fans.


  1. I actually like sweeter donuts, so I might end preferring the other Oreo donut. It will probably come down to how good this Oreo creme stuff is in the end.

  2. That look good as hell! Bun gonna buy baker dozen, eat one, and put one on everyone chair in morning. Whoever lazy and sit right down without looking gonna have to walk around with dark stain all day. Best part is, everyone commute hour each way so they not gonna be able go home and change!

  3. No glaze AND dark chocolate... Can't wait for them to be available down in Mexico! Sure sounds better than the other one

  4. Definitely preferred this one over the oreo cake donut. It just worked better somehow.

  5. Your private strippahhhhhhFriday, April 05, 2013

    Oh yeehhhhhhhhhh baby thiz is the shizzzllleeeeee


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