Feb 1, 2013

News: Subway - February 2013 Featured $5 Footlong

It is once again FebruANY at Subway this February, which means this month's Featured $5 Footlong is every regular Footlong sub on the menu.

"Premium" or "Special" Footlongs (basically Steak, Roast Beef, and Chicken & Bacon) are also on sale this year at $6 a piece.

Like last year, Subway is also running an instant-win promotion dubbed "Footlong Frenzy" with "Free Footlongs for Life" up for grabs as well as other prizes. You can find game codes on specially-marked 30-ounce cups as well as specially-marked Doritos Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch tortilla chip bags.

Official rules can be found here.

The $3 Breakfast Combo continues to be offered. The deal includes your choice of three 6" breakfast sandwiches (the Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese, the Egg & Cheese, or the Bacon, Egg & Cheese) and a 16-ounce coffee or 21-ounce fountain drink for $3.

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  1. Gotta say, while I love the value and variety, the "excitement" quotient is severely depressed.

    These are bland, cheap, belly-fillers-of-last-resort for morning grub, and, but for the ridiculous prices for sodium enriched-fat laden sammiches with greasy potatos sides at other fast-food restaurants...

    Wouldn't give them the time of day.


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