Feb 1, 2013

Around the World: KFC Malaysia - New Goldenwrap Chicken

In Malaysia, KFC is offering new Goldenwrap Chicken. The unique thing about this new dish is it's wrapped in parchment paper and deep-fried according to this report.

The parchment paper is oil-proof, water-proof, and non-stick to seal in the juices (and presumably keep out the oil). The practice is used in baking, but I've never heard of it being fried (but I guess it would cook faster).

The dish features kam heong-marinated (kam heong literally means "golden fragrant" in Cantonese, but is a Malaysian stir-fry style that includes a distinctive flavor and aroma, blending Malay, Chinese, and Indian influences) chicken quarter wrapped in parchment paper with corn and sliced button mushrooms.

The tagline for the dish is "When things are wrapped, they're hard to resist."

KFC is pretty big in Malaysia with over 500 locations.

Foil-wrapped chicken is also a thing for KFC in Asia with limited time offers having run in countries including Hong Kong and Taiwan.


  1. What said chicken may actually look like:

  2. Wouldn't this chicken just be steamed inside the bag then? How does it get it's nice charred, crispy skin?


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