Feb 14, 2013

News: Burger King - New Bacon Gouda Breakfast Sandwiches

For a limited-time, Burger King is offering a "Bacon Gouda" option for their breakfast sandwiches. The sandwiches feature thick-cut smoked bacon, eggs, Gouda cheese, and an herb spread on your choice of an English muffin, biscuit, or croissant.

They're also available with sausage, ham, and no egg combinations if you specify.

Basically, the "Bacon Gouda" option is really the "Gouda-and-herb-spread" option, but I guess that's not as catchy.

Nutritional Info - Burger King Bacon Gouda Muffin
Calories - 380 (from Fat - 200)
Fat - 22g (Saturated Fat - 9g)
Sodium - 920mg
Carbs - 22g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 21g

Nutritional Info - Burger King Bacon Gouda Biscuit
Calories - 520 (from Fat - 300)
Fat - 33g (Saturated Fat - 19g)
Sodium - 1460mg
Carbs - 32g (Sugar - 4g)
Protein - 22g

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