Feb 27, 2013

Around the World: Domino's India Offers the Cheesy Boloroni Pizza

Domino's India's latest crust option is the new Cheesy Boloroni Pizza, "boloroni" being a portmanteau of "bolognese" and "macaroni." Yes, it's a pizza with macaroni and a vegetarian bolognese sauce (I'm super curious as to what they put in a meatless version of a meat-based sauce...).

Specifically, the Cheesy Boloroni Pizza is a layered pizza starting with a layer of macaroni pasta and vegetarian bolognese sauce, which is then covered with barbecue-flavored liquid cheese, and finished with mozzarella and toppings.

It's a bit like combining a pasta dish and a pizza all-in-one.

I can't say this one sounds very appetizing to me at all. The barbecue-flavor cheese seems a very odd addition.

If any of you are in India and have tried this, please share your experience below!

Here's a 30-second TV spot for the pizza if you want to see how it comes together:

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  1. That sounds really good. Vegetarian options tend to be kind of bland, though that sounds super fattening it sounds tasty. I love the size of the pizza they show two people sharing. Very reasonable.


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