Nov 4, 2014

Baskin-Robbins' November 2014 Flavor of the Month Honors Military

Baskin-Robbins goes with a military theme for November's Flavor of the Month (because it's Veterans Day soon!). The new flavor is called "First Class Camouflage" and it features a mottled green-, brown-, and tan-colored blend of Chocolate-, Salty Caramel-, and Cake-flavored ice creams.

Continuing the theme, they're also offering a Camouflage Waffle Cone and Waffle Bowl this month. Like the ice cream flavor, they're colored green, brown, and tan.

There's also a First Class Camouflage Layered Sundae made with Oreo cookie pieces, caramel praline topping, hot fudge, and whipped cream.

In further support of the military, Baskin-Robbins will be donating 10 cents to the USO (United Service Organizations) for each scoop of ice cream sold in the U.S. on Veterans Day (November 11, 2014).

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