Dec 4, 2014

Carl's Jr. Tests "Aporkalypse" Breakfast Sandwich

Carl's Jr. is calling it the "Aporkalypse" and it's a huge breakfast sandwich they're testing that includes all three pork-based breakfast meats: bacon, sausage, and ham.

It was spotted recently out in Ontario, CA by the guys over at Wreckless Eating.

In addition to bacon strips, two sausage patties, and a round slice of ham, the Aporkalypse Breakfast Sandwich includes folded eggs and two slices of cheese (Swiss and American) and comes on one of their fresh-baked burger buns, which are a good deal larger than their regular burger buns, and their biscuits for that matter.

The new breakfast sandwich is similar to Carl's Jr.'s Monster Biscuit but doubles up on the sausage patties and adds ham to the equation, as well as a premium burger bun rather than a biscuit.

If the Carl's Jr.'s Aporkalypse makes it out of test, the closest competing sandwich would be Jack in the Box's Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich, which comes with two fried eggs, two slices of American cheese, two slices of ham, and bacon on a sesame seed bun.

Photo by Wreckless Eating.

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