Dec 26, 2014

McDonald's Offering $2 Triple Cheeseburger in Select Markets

McDonald's is offering a $2 Triple Cheeseburger in at least some markets.

Like the name sounds, it's basically their standard Cheeseburger but with two extra patties and one extra slice of cheese (which really kinda makes it a McTriple since it doesn't have one slice of cheese per patty).

The burger isn't new per se as it's popped up now and again in certain markets but the current run seems to hit a good number of restaurants. I confirmed with the company that it is not being offered nationwide.

Some areas that are definitely offering the Triple Cheeseburger include: Tampa Bay; the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia; Kentuckiana; and, at least, some parts of Texas. Basically, you really want to call and check before making a trip for one. Some areas are offering it for $2.49, but most seem to be going with the $2 price point along with a $1.50 Double Cheeseburger and $1 Cheeseburger.

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