Dec 27, 2014

Pizza Hut Korea's Christmas Meal Looks Like a Stack of Presents

It's past Christmas but I just thought this was interesting: Pizza Hut Korea is offering new Christmas Tree Boxes as a 3-course meal in celebration of the holidays. The boxes look like green presents (complete with a red bow) and are stacked in a pyramid to resemble a Christmas tree.

The meal includes a choice of a pizza and a side plus a salad topped with ricotta cheese. Pizza choices include: Cream of Chicken; Garlic Beef; Chili Seafood, Golden Potato, and Quattro Cheese. The side selection is a bit more limited with a choice of either a giant chocolate chip cookie or spicy wings and chicken tenders.

Price for the "Box Tree" starts at 29,900 Won (~$27.06 US) and while it's a Christmas-themed item, it's available through the end of January 2015.

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