Dec 10, 2014

Review: Pizza Hut's "Get Curried Away" Crust

Pizza Hut's Curry Crust (they call it "Get Curried Away") is a new crust flavor option on the menu and features "a blend of traditional curry spices that includes coriander, cardamom and fenugreek." It's only available for a limited time and I was told Pizza Hut was reserving the slot for rotating in other crust flavors.

I got a large pizza with extra chicken (counts as two toppings), the new premium crushed tomato sauce, and curry crust for $7.99.

Even in the box, the pizza emits a powerful curry aroma.

The crust developed a substantial crispy shell during baking and was unevenly dusted with a combination of spices that resulted in a slightly tangy, savory curry flavor with just a hint of heat. It was quite tasty and I wouldn't have minded it if they sprinkled it all over the pizza or offered it in a seasoning packet. It would also work out nicely as a potato chip flavor.

That being said, it doesn't really complement the sauce and chicken that I choose. It ended up feeling like eating two separate things: a fairly traditional pizza and curry-flavored breadsticks. The new tomato sauce is more robust, tomato-y, and less sweet as Pizza Hut's standard pizza sauce. Basically, it feels more like pizza and less like Pizza Hut.

Overall, Pizza Hut's new Curry Crust option was interesting and good. It's not a flavor I would have thought would go well on a pizza (and I don't know if it does), but it definitely works on pizza crust. Unless you don't like Indian-style curry, I'd recommend trying it.

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