Dec 16, 2014

Frito Pie Taco in the Works for Taco Bell?

At a recent investor meeting, Taco Bell gave a glimpse of possible future menu items on one of the presentation slides. Among the items pictured included something that appears to be a Fritos Pie Taco.

By the picture, the possible menu item looks to be a Fritos corn taco shell filled with chili, cheese, and a white sauce (possibly sour cream or ranch). It actually wouldn't be that hard for them to implement as they offered chili earlier this year. At the very least, it's probably something they'll test out but that's not all that's pictured...

Also pictured is something that looks like a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, but a closer inspection reveals a different outer shell. I have a lead as to what it might be but I'll table that until next week.

Beyond that, there are a number of items pictured that are currently testing like Boss Wraps and the Chickstar. There's also an Orange Starburst Freeze that I'm guessing will debut next year.

It looks like Taco Bell will soon offer or test catering and delivery.

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