Dec 6, 2014

$1 Crunchwrap Sliders Coming to Taco Bell Later This Month

New $1 Crunchwrap Sliders are on the slate at Taco Bell and should arrive at a location near you late this month (probably between the 15th and 20th).

A smaller take on the Crunchwrap Supreme, the $1 Crunchwrap Sliders come in three varieties: Beefy Cheddar, Spicy Chicken, and BLT. You might remember they were spotted in testing earlier this year.

Rather than a hard tostada shell, the Crunchwrap Sliders rely on Fritos chips to deliver the crunch. Beyond the Fritos chips and grilled hexagonally-folded flour tortilla: the Beefy Cheddar includes seasoned beef and shredded cheddar cheese; the Spicy Chicken includes spicy shredded chicken; and the BLT includes shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, bacon bits, and Baja sauce.

I actually got a preview of the Crunchwrap Sliders during Taco Bell's Friendsgiving last month and they're pretty big. Definitely bigger than your typical burger slider and about the same size as an AM Crunchwrap. I only got to taste the Beefy Cheddar though, which is very similar to the Beefy Fritos Burrito although in a slightly different form (minus the rice).

The Crunchwrap Sliders will also be available as part of a Big Box meal, which will include one Crunchwrap Slider, a Doritos Locos Taco Supreme, Crunchy Taco, and medium drink.

I'll update with another post once the Crunchwrap Sliders are actually out with nutritional info and all that good stuff.

I also heard that XXL Nachos will be back for a limited time later this month.

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