Dec 6, 2014

McDonald's Hong Kong's Holiday Drinks Look Better Than Starbucks'

While McDonald's holiday drinks here in the States aren't much to look at, over in Hong Kong, they offer a trio of festive holiday drinks, each complete with a different stenciled latte art design that looks better than the typical whipped cream and drizzle of Starbucks.

There's the Snowy Mint Mocha, Gingerbread Latte, and Reindeer Hot Brownie Chocolate. The Snowy Mint Mocha features a snowman, while the other two feature their respective namesakes.

One of the reasons that McDonald's can go with the designs is that Hong Kong is very much a sit-down and eat/drink culture; people don't really walk around with their coffee.

They create each design by holding a stencil over each drink as they dust them with powdered cocoa.

In addition to the warm holiday drinks, McDonald's is also offering Winterland Molten Cakes in two flavors: traditional chocolate and new Green Tea Cake with Red Bean Filling.

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