Dec 8, 2014

Pizza Hut Sticks Doritos on New Pizza in Australia

Calling it the "Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza," Pizza Hut Australia's latest features a mozzarella-stuffed crust covered with Doritos tortilla chips and cheddar cheese.

If you're wondering how the Doritos chips stay on, unlike Pizza Hut's standard Stuffed Crust Pizza, the mozzarella ring is exposed rather than covered, so the chips adhere to it (I imagine the cheddar cheese on top also helps).

Curiously, they went with plain "original" Doritos chips (what Frito-Lay labels as "Toasted Corn" flavor here) rather than the bolder flavors like Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch that have worked so well for Taco Bell recently (maybe plain Doritos is popular Down Under?).

I guess the new pizza isn't all that surprising given that Australia is also where Pizza Hut once offered a pizza topped with guacamole and tortilla chips in the center.

The new pizza is available for a limited time only, while supplies last.

You can watch Pizza Hut's Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza in action below:

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