Dec 4, 2014

Review: Popeyes - Spice Box Chicken

Popeyes' Spice Box Chicken features thin strips of white meat chicken marinated, battered, deep-fried, and then tossed in a blend of 12 spices.

An order came out to $3.99 and included a side and biscuit.

Spice Box Chicken is supposed to come in an actual slide-out box but my local Popeyes, in what I'm assuming is an attempt to cut down costs, serves every individual-sized meals in the same paper trays.

The thin chicken strips are basically the same as their Wicked Chicken, a previously offered limited-time item. You can consider them as mini, mostly bite-sized chicken strips and they're marinated the same way. A few of the pieces were more batter than chicken though.

The batter was crispy and craggy; perfect for wicking up sauce, which you don't really need for the more seasoned pieces.

The 12-spice seasoning was applied very unevenly. Some pieces were covered in it and some pieces were completely bare. It seems they just tossed the seasoning on the finished chicken rather than tossing the chicken in the seasoning. The seasoning was enjoyable though (when it was there anyway); a familiar blend with notes of garlic, onion, paprika. There's also a fair bit of low, roiling heat; probably from the cayenne or other chili pepper.

Overall, Popeyes Spice Box Chicken was pretty good. While the seasoning was sporadic, it was tasty and the underlying chicken was still good. Hopefully, they'll use the seasoning on some full-sized chicken strips or nuggets for a future limited-time offer. I think that would turn out rather well.

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