Dec 12, 2014

Tostitos Now Comes in Rolls

Similar to their own Dinamitas or rival Takis, Frito-Lay now offers new Tostitos Rolls tortilla chips. They're basically regular Tostitos corn tortilla chips that are rolled into a tube shape before frying. 

Unlike Dinamitas or Takis, the new chips don't come dusted with seasoning.

Because they're basically the same Tostitos other than the shape, the brand has suggested a number of ways to entertain yourself (or your guests) with the new chips:

- Stand Tostitos Rolls tortilla chips up in a deep-dish dip as edible goal posts.

- Since they're rolled up, the new chips should stand up to even the heartiest of dips.

- Supposedly, the longer shape will help keep your hands (and sleeves) dip free.

Tostitos Rolls tortilla chips have started rolling out (pun intended) at grocery stores nationwide in 14 oz. bags with a suggested retail price of $4.29.

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