Dec 21, 2014

KFC's New Teriyaki Fried Chicken Comes with Chopsticks

Over in Russia, KFC recently introduced new teriyaki sauce for their fried chicken in a number of menu items. The Teriyaki Ricebox and Teriyaki Bites both come with chopsticks to, apparently, enhance the Japanese feeling of the dish (although I'm sure you can ask for a fork as well).

The chicken is covered in sesame seeds and  a teriyaki sauce with ginger and honey notes. In addition to the Ricebox and Bites, the teriyaki sauce-covered chicken is also available in a salad as well as a Twister wrap.

It's interesting that KFC is including chopsticks for a more Asian feel, while here in the US, even Panda Express gives your a fork by default (they have chopsticks available though, if I remember correctly).

The rice bowl is something KFC also offers in a few Asian countries as well.

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