Jan 30, 2014

News: Burger King Testing Chicken and Waffle Sandwich

Burger King is testing a new Chicken and Waffle Sandwich, which, basically like it sounds, appears to be their value-chicken patty sandwiched between two Belgian-style waffle "buns."

Available from at least one Burger King restaurant in Pittson, Pennsylvania, the sandwiches are going for $2.29 each.

The sandwich was first spotted on Instagram by the guys over at Foodbeast.

Waffle buns are something several fast food chains have been intrigued with as of late. Jack in the Box has been offering a Waffle Breakfast Sandwich since 2012. Taco Bell has been playing around with several iterations of a Waffle Taco. Popeyes tried Chicken Waffle Tenders last year.

Having tried them all, I'd have to say: Jack's waffle is too soft and might as well be a McGriddle; Taco Bell's waffles need more flavor; and Popeyes' waffle breading was crispy and sweet.

Photo: Troy Smith / @tms2787