Sep 23, 2013

News: McDonald's Franchisee Tests Chicken and Waffles

A Southern California McDonald's franchisee is testing a "McD's Style Chicken & Waffles" combo at at least one location in Fullerton, CA, according to Foodbeast.

The "McD's" designation makes sense as the dish isn't chicken and waffles per se, but rather fried chicken and McGriddle pancakes. The combo appears to come with three Mighty Wings, two McGriddle pancakes, and hotcake syrup on the side for $3.99 and is available for purchase all day long.

As you might guess from the rather cobbled together promotional poster, the combo is a test by an individual franchisee rather than a McDonald's corporate effort. According to McDonald’s USA spokeswoman Lisa McComb: “This was simply one franchisee who experimented with a limited-time offering of his version of chicken and waffles.”

Update 9/24/2013 - I managed to miss a photo sent by one of my readers 12 days of the new combo. I've updated the post to reflect that the combo comes with two McGriddles and replaced the picture.

Photo: DarkNeo

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