Apr 19, 2010

News: Burger King Testing Brunch

Burger King is currently testing more breakfast offerings under the guise of "brunch." Burger Business reports that, in addition to their normal breakfast menu, Burger King is offering Mimosas (Relax, it's non-alcoholic... What?!), the BK Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich, and the Whopper (yes, it's the Whopper, but for breakfast!) during breakfast time.

Brunch is being offered in select markets in Massachusetts, Florida, and western Canada.  The Mimosa is a blend of orange juice, Sprite, and ice while the BK Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich is a ciabatta sandwich with scrambled eggs, tomatoes, cheese, ham, bacon, and a smoky tomato sauce.

Burger King is also testing other breakfast items elsewhere. According to the Birmingham Business Journal, Burger King is testing pancake and scrambled egg platters (similar to the Big and Deluxe Breakfast by McDonald's), mini blueberry muffins, and the same ciabatta breakfast sandwich in the Birmingham area.


  1. I find their Mimosa funny as in Hong Kong McDonalds used to have a same item called the McFizz which used the same ingredients!

  2. The ciabatta sandwich sounds good, but will it be executed well? Any time FF want to try to go "gourmet" in a menu item, they usually end up failing. Still, I will more places would try to use med. flavor profiles, or at least something non-traditional (sorry, but I was never a sausage, eggs, and bacon guy.)

  3. @EatTravelEat: I like how they put the "Mc" prefix everywhere in some foreign countries.

    @Adam: What kind of med. flavor profiles or non-traditional items would you be looking for?

  4. Anything, really. I think Carls Jr. was on to something with the Parmesan Chicken Sandwich, but even that was a litte "yea, duh." I'd love to see something that featured a rich tomato base, balsamic flavors, and of course more veggies that went outside of pickles, lettuce, and onion. I think bread is a good start...I like that Subway has more "Italian" style breads, and not to sound snooty but I could really go for some more herbed and oil based breads. But I guess I'm starting to think more fast casual than fast food...

  5. @Adam: I think McDonald's might go that way, they're trying to move upscale with some of their menu offerings, so it would be a logical step to go with McCafe and I think they're positioned well for it.

    Someone commented about how good the bread on the McBistro they're testing is and some of their foreign offerings are pretty fancy so it's not like they haven't tested such things.


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