Apr 19, 2010

Review: Domino's - New Pizza

Domino's new pizza
So I finally tried Domino's Pizza's new pizza and have to say that I wasn't impressed and the sister-in-law was even less so. I ordered a large pepperoni with extra cheese for the promotional price of $5.99 carryout.

Domino's new pizza closer up
So what was wrong? The pizza was more bread-like than pizza. The dough wasn't cooked to a nice thin, slightly charred crisp layer but was instead soft almost like a store-bought loaf of sliced bread. The mozzarella with a hint of provolone was very melty or gooey. It lacked any stretch whatsoever.

Seeing as this was an extra cheese pizza, it was a bit disturbing. The sauce was just okay but lacked a little hint of sweetness.
Domino's new pizza
So did I like anything about the pizza? I liked the breadstick-like crust with the garlic; it's a bit like eating garlic bread and I like me some garlic bread.
Domino's new pizza crust close up
Overall, the pizza was just "okay" for me and I was expecting more with all the hoopla.

The Sister-in-law, on the other hand, was offended by the pizza and stated that she would not buy it for even $2. Her belief is that cheese makes the pizza and that Domino's failed on this front.
Domino's Pizza Status Tracker
On a non-pizza note, I like Domino's tracker which is like Big Brother on your local Domino's. It tells you where in the process your pizza is and how long it will be before it's done.


  1. Maybe Domino's will show up at your door and offer you a new and improved one like on TV ads!

  2. they tried to turn it into pizza hut, which is the worst pizza on earth. possibly even other planets.

  3. You should try the thin crust - perfect ratio of toppings to crust in my opinion.

  4. @Rob: But I already tried the "new and improved" one!

    @theorbo: Yeah, I think I'm going with thin crust at Pizza Hut and Domino's from now on.

  5. who ever made that did not give you extra cheese.

  6. I work at dominos were not too big of fans of the pan. Hand toss is the best crust ever can't go wrong lol

  7. I tried the New Handmade Pan pizza. No. Actually the new crust is OK, it was the execution. No sauce, skimpy toppings. All in all a pretty lousy pie. Problem is, if you want delivery, you have to go back to the same store based on territory... so No more Dominos. You suck once - you lose my business for years.


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