Apr 1, 2010

News: Starbucks Reveals "Plenta" and "Micra" Drink Sizes

Starbucks announced on their company blog today that in response to customer requests, they are introducing two new and groundbreaking drink sizes in the fall: the 2-ounce Micra and 128-ounce Plenta.  The new sizes are the result of a year's worth of research and direct customer feedback through

Okay, not really... Starbucks is getting in on April Fool's this year and perhaps mocking their Trenta test a bit.

It's pretty funny though, the Plenta looks likes a Starbucks-branded KFC bucket. The thing is huge! The fake post also suggests subsequent uses for the drink containers such as a rain hat, and lampshade for the super-large Plenta and a soft-boiled egg holder for the mini Micra. The post is complete with pictures of the new drinks and subsequent uses. You can check it out here.

Other April Fool's pranking among the brands involved Twitter where:
  • @Chick-fil-A announced to all their followers that the Chicken Biscuit was going the way of the dodo and would be off the menu at the end of the month.
  • @Pizza Hut announced that in celebration of Easter, they are featuring marshmallow dessert pizzas with your choice of color and animal.


  1. I'll take a Micra

  2. @Anon: Hm... I think I'd go for the Plenta myself. I need a new bucket hat.

  3. That woulda been cool! D: Lamesauce, I wanted a KFC-sized frappy.

  4. @Rate: Haha, you would fall into a diabetic coma from a Frappuccino that big.


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