Apr 9, 2010

Review: Taco Bell - Bacon Ranch Tortada

Taco Bell's Bacon Ranch Tortada out of the bag
The Bacon Ranch Tortada is one of the latest limited-time items at Taco Bell.  It's a cross between a torta (sandwich) and a tostada hence the name "Tortada."  The Bacon Ranch Tortada is basically a panini-pressed flour tortilla folded into a square filled with pieces of marinated chicken breast with rib meat, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, diced bacon, and an avocado ranch sauce.  It's priced at $3.29 which puts it at the upper end of Taco Bell's menu.

How was it?  It is very reminiscent of a Crunchwrap Surpreme but with different flavors.  The first thing I thought as I bit into the Bacon Ranch Tortada was: "Mmmmm... Bacon!"  Unlike most fast food items brought down by paper-thin, bacon with weak flavor, I got a nice smoky bacon flavor biting in the Tortada.  It had lots of little bits of bacon through out the tortilla.
Inside Taco Bell's Bacon Ranch Tortada
I liked that the tortilla had a slight crunchiness to it from the panini-style press since Taco Bell's flour tortillas are usually just soft.  I couldn't really taste the avocado in the avocado ranch dressing but the dressing didn't overwhelm the Tortada as ranch can sometimes do.
Close up of Taco Bell's Bacon Ranch Tortada
The lettuce and tomatoes were largely superfluous and a bit lost in the mix.  They didn't lend their flavors very well, if at all.  Adding more lettuce and tomatoes would have given the Tortada a bit more variety.  Mostly, I just tasted bacon (mmmm... bacon!), and seasoned chicken with a little bit of ranch flavor.  Overall, I quite like it, although with all the bacon and marinated chicken, it might be too salty for some.  Thumbs up for bacon and chicken together!

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Nutritional Info (261g)
Calories - 570 (from Fat - 210)
Fat - 24g (Saturated Fat - 6g)
Sodium - 1870mg
Carbs - 57g (Sugar - 5g)
Protein - 33g


  1. wow...seems similar to a crunchwrap supreme but with better ingredients!

  2. That looks pretty good. I love bacon!


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