Apr 18, 2010

What's on the Menu: McDonald's Turkey

This edition of What's on the Menu takes us to McDonald's Turkey where we take a look at some of the dishes localized to suit the Turkish palate in additional to some of the more interesting variants not available here in the U.S.
First up, the Kofteburger which features a Turkish-spiced minced beef patty with a toasted special bun with what appears to be dried parsley on top, filled with ketchup, onions, lettuce, and  yogurt sauce.

Kofte, a Turkish dish, is a type of kebab made of minced meat, often mixed with mint and parsley, and cooked on a skewer.  Take out the ketchup from the Kofteburger, add some diced tomatoes and you pretty much have yourself a Turkish wrap but on a bun.  Speaking of wraps...
The McTurco Meat is basically your Kofteburger but wrapped in a warm pita.  Well, there is a bit of variation: there are two KöfteBurger patties, hot pepper sauce, onions, lettuces, and two tomato slices.
It also comes in a chicken variation dubbed the "McTurco Chicken."  Surprise right?  Same thing but with two breaded chicken patties.  Well, the beef version seems to have a red chili sauce while the chicken version seems to have a peppery yogurt sauce or mayo.
For sides, besides fries, you can also get Onion Rings.
On the side of super-sizing, you can get two bigger variants of your McDonald's favorites in the Mega Mac and the Double McChicken.  I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.
I will point out that the McChicken abroad is the old McDonald's McChicken and not the current U.S. value version.

For dessert, there's nothing particularly Turkish, but just some nice variants of common McDonald's desserts.
For one, you can get your common fried Apple or Cherry Pie a la Mode, swirled with caramel and topped with some sort of syrup.
McDonald's Turkey has Apple Cinnamon Sundaes!  It's like apple pie a la mode except with less pie and more mode!  Mode means ice cream by the way, in case I'm being unclear.
You can also get Brownies a la Mode with a cherry on top and your choice of caramel, chocolate, or blackberry sauce.  Nom Nom Nom!
Finally, you can get a Chocolate Orange Pie which is a chocolate pie with orange-flavored chocolate filling.  Mmmmmmm...

That's it for McDonald's Turkey!  Till next time!

Translations or mistranslations courtesy of Google Translate.

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  1. the "Kofteburger" reminds me of "happy" pizza from cambodia...

  2. Köfte is not a kebab variant. It's a.. a.. well it's just not kebab.


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