Apr 25, 2010

What's on the Menu: McDonald's Philippines

In this edition of "What's on the Menu," we take a look at one of the countries where McDonald's delivers: McDonald's Philippines.  That's right, for a flat fee of 40 pesos (about 90 cents), "McDo" (pronounced "mac-do") is delivered to your door in the land of Manny Pacquiao.

The featured items are a line up of frozen treats from sundaes to floats.

First up, the Fruity Blueberry Twist Sundae for 32 pesos (72 cents).  You typical McDonald's vanilla soft serve topped with blueberry syrup and crushed blueberry twist wafers.
Next, the Fruity Strawberry Twist Sundae also 32 pesos.  Same sundae, different flavor.
McDo's also has a Fruity Green Apple Float (Regular 28 / Monster Sizes 38).  I don't know about this one... Green Apple soda with vanilla soft serve?  They also have the more standard Coke Float for a slightly lesser price.
On the regular menu, there's the Beef Burger with Rice for 42 pesos (94 cents).  It's a hamburger patty with gravy and a scoop of rice and a small coke.  The dollar goes far in the Philippines, no?
Another rice dish is the Crispy Chicken Fillet with a 12-ounce drink for 50 pesos ($1.12).  It looks very crunchy!
It also comes in sandwich form with mayo for the same price.
On the burger front, McDo has the Cheeseburger Deluxe (the Mac!) which is a cheeseburger with lettuce, cheese, and mayo at a relatively pricey (in comparison) 52 pesos ($1.17).  You can also get the Double Cheeseburger Deluxe for 87 pesos ($1.96!)
Something a bit more local and simple is the Burger McDo for 25 pesos (56 cents).  It's just a plain hamburger with a sweeter, very orange version of Thousand Island.
Apparently, McDonald's is KFC-ing it up in the Philippines with some crispy chicken drumsticks dubbed the Chicken McDo with Rice for 72 pesos ($1.62).  You can also get your fried chicken on with spagetti.  Behold! The Chicken McDo with McSpagetti for a princely 102 pesos ($2.30).  It's 42 pesos ($0.94) for McSpagetti by itself.
McDo's also has some localized breakfast offerings with the Hamdesal which is a pan de sal (Philippine bread) filled with Canadian bacon, pineapple glazed syrup, and mayo.  You can also choose to get it with egg or with cheese for an upcharge.  The base price is 39 pesos ($0.88) for a Hamdesal with coffee.

Finally, you can get two Longannisa with a poached egg and garlic rice.  Garlic rice sounds pretty interesting.  Longannisa is Philippine chorizo sausage. I couldn't find a price for this one.
That's it for McDo Phillipines.  Be sure to tune in next time!


  1. I wonder how their rice is. Looks like sticky/glutinous/short grain..I'm thinking I'd like it.

  2. rithylovesgoatsSunday, April 25, 2010

    fruity green apple float! my people are off the chain!

  3. D: That looks awesome. Then again all fast food pics look great when they're photographed like this.

  4. The local prices makes it clear that there's more bang for your bucks in the Philippines. During my stay there, I could eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Mcdonald's while touring Cebu Island for a day, for only 20 bucks!

  5. Richelle_policarpioFriday, April 20, 2012

    I hope you'll also have green apple sundae just like in Malaysia!


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