Apr 5, 2010

News: Check out KFC's Double Down "Sandwich" Ad

As you all know by now, KFC's Double Down Sandwich(?!) is unleashed (you know, because it's a monstrosity) on Monday, April 12, 2010 but you can check out the accompanying 30-second spot now:

It's obviously geared towards the core "young hungry guys" demographic of the fast-food market but with what is essentially an all-meat sandwich, that's not really a surprise. Apparently though, guys who complain about regular chicken sandwiches (notwithstanding the fact that KFC also sells regular chicken sandwiches) sound like they've been inhaling helium. Well, until they get their hands on the Double Down anyway.


  1. As much as I'd want to try this, I cringe a little every time I see it.

  2. I read somewhere that it only has 520 calories for the original recipe (and 460 for the grilled version). Seeing as that's less calories than a Big Mac or a Whopper, it's not that bad.

  3. Yeah, that sounds about right. I think the Original Recipe Double Down has about as much calories as a Big Mac and the Whopper clocks in a bit over 600. You'd be surprised at how much calories can be in a bun.

    But yeah, it's not the calories so much as the idea. It's like that they watched that old Jack in the Box commercial with the guy that says, "We understand the meat, and we get the cheese... but why the bun?" Haha! I wish I tried to find a clip of it to post but I failed.


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