Apr 5, 2010

News: Hugh Jackman Dances for Lipton

Hugh Jackman is the new face of Lipton worldwide and kicks off a global campaign with a commercial entitled "Tokyo Dancing Hotel." You can check out the 1.5-minute snazzy dance number here:

It's doubtful that the ad will air here in the states since A-list actors have an image to uphold (really?) where they can shill everything all over the world except in the U.S but you never know... it is supposed to be a global campaign. As for the ad, it's a pretty fun ad, reminiscent of the Spike Jonze-directed Fat Boy Slim music video "Weapon of Choice" except happier and more Broadway. No surprise as Jackman has appeared on Broadway.

The ad also keep the Lipton motif where drinking Lipton refreshes you like in the Lipton Brisk ads a while back which do feature A-list celebs or at least their likeness:


  1. Loved Hugh Jackman's Lipton commercial!

  2. You're so rite!! I did enjoyed that VERY much!!


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