Apr 21, 2010

Review: Jack in the Box - Iced Kona Classic Coffee

Jack in the Box Kona Classic Coffee
Jack and the Box's new Iced Kona Classic Coffee is a slightly sweetened blend of Kona Classic coffee and 2% milk, served over ice. It is available in regular, vanilla, and caramel flavors and is $1.99 for a 24-ounce cup.

When I went to Jack in the Box and saw the sign for their new Kona Classic Coffee, I was a bit hesitant to try it not having much luck with fast food coffees in general. Still, I bought it despite my misgivings and was rewarded with a very non-coffee colored beverage.

I chose vanilla flavor because caramel has always been too sweet for me and vanilla can mute bad coffee. Still, I didn't have to worry about bad coffee because there was very little coffee flavor in my Iced Kona Classic Coffee. It tasted like sweet milky water with a hint of vanilla and, if I imagined hard enough, maybe the slightest whisper of coffee.

Given the color, I wonder if maybe they forgot to put any coffee in?

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  1. I dunno but I like my frozen coffees thick. Is tht just me or does thin, watery coffee gag you out?

  2. I also hate watery coffee, hot or cold, since it gives a "blah" taste but I like my coffee strong. That iced coffee doesn't look like coffee at all!

  3. @Rate.Bake.Create: I take my coffee with milk which is a little bit thicker than water so I guess that's a yes.

    @Rob: it was not even coffee-colored! It did not look like the picture at all!

  4. i love their coffee but the brewing is inconsistent some times weak some times strong, and some times vary good.


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