Apr 24, 2010

Review: Corner Bakery Cafe - Bavarian Ham on Pretzel Bread

Corner Bakery's Bavarian Ham on Pretzel Bread with chips and pickle spear
I went to Corner Bakery Cafe and ended up trying the Bavarian Ham on Pretzel Bread which is pretzel bread filled with your choice smoked ham or smoked turkey, shaved red onions, plum tomatoes, caraway Havarti cheese, and stoneground mustard-mayo. The price is $6.79 which included a pickle spear and kettle-cooked chips.

Corner Bakery is a fast casual restaurant specializing in sandwiches and baked goods. Moneywise, a fast casual means an average check of $7 to $8 a customer rather than the $4 to $5 at a fast food joint. It also means the decor is much nicer and Corner Bakery has a very warm, cozy feel to it with a lot of wood finishes. It feels like a nice place to lounge. At least the one I went to anyway. They offer free Wifi and seating varied from tables and chairs to booths and couches.
Corner Bakery's Bavarian Ham on Pretzel Bread side view
The Bavarian Ham on Pretzel Bread was fairly high quality with fresh ingredients. There was plenty of ham in mine. Besides the moist ham, there was a good onion flavor (from evenly distributed red onions) coupled with a strong, spicy mustard kick.  The tomatoes were very fresh and the cheese was fairly mild.

The pretzel bread was a nice touch; a bit reminiscent of a bagel.  However, there was a section of the pretzel bread that had a high concentration of pretzel salt making for one very salty bite. But other than that it was all very good.
Corner Bakery's Bavarian Ham on Pretzel Bread cross section
Besides the sandwich, I also tried the Banana Walnut Bread which sadly enough did not have much banana flavor. It was more like a cinnamon bread with walnuts which, while tasty, was not banana. You can ask them to warm it up for you. It cost $1.99.
Corner Bakery's Banana Walnut Bread
The chips were nice, crispy, and chock full of potato flavor. I like kettle chips very much.

For those with special dietary needs, Corner Bakery Cafe has vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free options.

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  1. Mmm...Havarti cheese. Everything in that sandwich looks amazing! Can you get mix of both turkey and ham?

  2. I'm pretty sure you can.

  3. Wow that looks amazing! I love the concept of Havarti cheese with caraway, and those ham slices look hearty indeed! Interesting use of tomatos -- they don't strike me as being part of the same flavor profile. I love pretzel bread though and I wish moe places offered it. Pretzel and onion breads/rolls are highly underrated! Great review, Q.

  4. Thanks! It's the first time I've seen pretzel bread offered for a sandwich.

  5. This sandwich is such a classic. I haven't had it for a while, but I can still remember biting into my first one 13 or 14 years ago.


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