Apr 14, 2010

The Asia Trip: McDonald's Taiwan - Spicy Chicken Filet Burger

McDonald's Taiwan Spicy Chicken Filet Burger box
The Spicy Chicken Filet Burger at McDonald's Taiwan is a variant of your standard McChicken but adapted for Taiwanese tastes.  It is also sold by McDonald's China.  It's also about twice the price of a McChicken at approximately $2.
Inside the Spicy Chicken Filet Burger
Unlike the McChicken here in the States, some McChickens abroad have the same toasted sesame bun you find on a Big Mac, but the same mayo and shredded lettuce.  The presence of sesame seeds doesn't make a whit of difference to me though.

The real difference between a McChicken and the Spicy Chicken Filet Burger, and where the dollar difference comes in, is the chicken patty.
Cross section of the Spicy Chicken Filet Burger
The chicken patty in the Spicy Chicken Filet Burger is cut from chicken breast thigh/leg and the breading was a little bit crunchier.  And, whereas the McChicken has a bit of peppery spice to it, the Spicy Chicken Filet has a deeper red chili heat that is present but not overbearing.  By that, I mean you won't need to gulp down a drink to put down the heat.

In sum, the chicken was juicy, the breading was crunchy, and the lettuce was crisp.  I enjoyed it very much.


  1. In other words, Spicy Chicken Sandwich

  2. @Rob: Pretty much. The closest U.S. equivalent would be the Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich w/o tomato, yes.

  3. Not as good as the chicken fried steak at Shiling Night Market for 50!

  4. It's not breast, it's leg/thigh meat, as the box indicates. Taiwanese folks have a preference towards leg/thigh as it's more flavorful and won't dry out easily.

  5. Ah. Sorry, I can't read Mandarin. Thank you for the clarification. I prefer the leg/thigh as well!

  6. Dark meat (leg/thigh) is much tastier than white meat.


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