Apr 9, 2010

Review: The Flame Broiler - Super Works Plate

The Flame Broiler Super Works Plate
The Flame Broiler is styled as "a healthy choice" and features a short menu of Korean-styled plates with a combination of meat, rice, and vegetables.  They boast no msg, no skin, no frying, and no trans fats.  You can also substitute white meat chicken for $1.50 and can choose brown rice instead of white for no charge.  A friend and I shared a Super Works plate which had everything on the menu and is good for sharing. It costs $8.99.

I tried Flame Broiler one morning with a friend because Chipotle (our original destination) was still closed. Well, The Flame Broiler was closed too, but there were workers inside and the door was unlocked. We popped our heads in and the guy manning the cash register tells us they're not open yet but that they'd be ready in 15 minutes and to go ahead and have a seat. While, we sat waiting, we even got a free drink. Score!

Sure enough, in 15 minutes, our table was graced with a white styrofoam box loaded with grilled short ribs, sliced lean rib-eye beef, and sliced boneless chicken leg and thigh meat over a hidden bed of rice and a blend of carrots, broccoli, and cabbage.  Fresh, chopped green onions are sprinkled over the meat and a side of sliced oranges, a green salad with sesame dressing is included.  Flame Broiler sauce was also given in a small plastic cup; it looked like a sweet sesame soy sauce but the marinated meat had plenty of flavor so it was largely unnecessary.

How did it all taste?  Pretty tasty!  All the meat, while not super juicy, was reasonably moist and had a nice sweet, soy-marinated flavor.  A selection of three meats provides a good variety.  The vegetables were nice and crisp.  And as a healthy option, it's fairly guilt-free eating that is low in fat, okay in sodium, and what not.   The rice had a bit of nuttiness to it that led me to believe it was flavored and put it above your run-of-the plain white rice.  The orange was sweet and the salad had a slightly sweet sesame dressing that was good too.

On a side note, I usually think of an overhead oven heat element when I think of "broiler" though but "broil" also means "grill."

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  1. Maybe it was so tasty because you caught them as they were opening! Either way, it's cool that you guys got free drinks and the food looks good!

  2. Watybud@comline.comSunday, January 22, 2012

    what about killer sodium?

  3. Er killer sodium? The Works Plate has about 810mg of sodium which, if you consider that it's enough for two people, comes out to 405mg which is a lot less than most of your dine-out options.


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