Nov 22, 2012

Review: Nestle - Nescafe Memento Caramel Latte

Nestle's Nescafe Memento Caramel Latte is a portable instant coffee packet promising "buttery caramel flavor, smooth coffee, and pillowy froth."

A box of 8 packets/servings retails for about $6.99, but they're giving away free samples on the Nescafe website here and that's how I came to try it out.

The name of the game here is convenience. Each packet includes instant coffee, nonfat mik, and sugar among the ingredients for a take-it-anywhere foamy coffee with milk experience. The directions call for really hot water rather than boiling, which means you can basically use the hot nozzle on a water cooler to make an easy cup. Each packet makes for a 10-ounce cup of coffee.

The moment the water hit the powdered mix, there was instant frothing. It was pretty neat to watch and I wonder how they accomplished it.

The foam contains a fairly uneven smattering of big and little bubbles. Not quite like the velvet smooth microfoam you get from a proper latte, but I wasn't expecting that and the foam here was nice for what it was.

The first couple sips where a bit flavorless, but maybe the water was too hot because the flavor picked up soon after.

I wouldn't say "buttery caramel," but there was a distinct caramel flavor accompanied by a decent creaminess, and smooth, if weak, coffee flavor. Unlike a lot of caramel coffee drinks I've tasted, this one wasn't overly sweet.

Overall, Nestle's Nescafe Memento Caramel Latte was a pleasant coffee drinking experience. While there weren't any notable highlights, there wasn't any harshness or distastefulness to the experience either. The hot, creamy coffee-ish drink was decent and very convenient.

Nutritional Info - Nestle Nescafe Memento Caramel Latte
Serving Size - 1 packet (23g)
Calories - 100 (from Fat - 25)
Fat - 2.5g (Saturated Fat - 2g)
Sodium - 40mg
Carbs - 18g (Sugar - 13g)
Protein - 2g

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  1. If it's called "memento", shouldn't it turn from a cup of coffee back into a little tablet?

    Or maybe you just don't remember drinking it once you finish it.

  2. So the sample packs were absolutely free?

  3. Yup, it takes about a month to get, but they sent me 2 packets and a coupon for $1 off.

  4. I got the same samples but I really disliked the caramel version. It was such a fake caramel flavor... :\ The mocha was a bit better though.

  5. I just got these recently as well. I really liked the texture of the caramel one, and what little flavor it had was good. I thought the mocha just tasted like bitter instant coffee, though.

  6. "The moment the water hit the powdered mix, there was instant frothing. It was pretty neat to watch and I wonder how they accomplished it." CHEMICALS.


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