Nov 19, 2013

News: McDonald's Adding Second Drive-Thru Pick Up Window

Spurred by longer drive-thru wait times, McDonald's plans to add a second pick up window as part of what they're calling the "Fast Forward Drive-Thru."

According to this AP report, the second pick-up window allows customers to drive to a third stop (the first stop being where they order and the second being where they would normally pick up their order) if their order isn't ready.

Basically, the third windows would be where you would go instead of being relegated to the parking lot (for them to bring out your order) when it's taking too long to complete (and holding up the line).

I believe at some McDonald's restaurants, you pay at one window and then pick up your order at the next, so if the extra window is added to those locations, it would make for potentially four stops.

Photo: McDonald's

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