Nov 5, 2013

News: McDonald's Testing Jalapeno Kicker Sandwiches

McDonald's has been testing new Jalapeno Kicker Sandwiches since at least July out in Maryland.

According to, The spicy sandwiches are available with either a Quarter Pounder beef patty or premium chicken filet (crispy or grilled) plus cream cheese sauce, jalapeno pepper jack cheese, crunchy jalapeno crisps, pickled jalapeno slices, tomato, and leaf lettuce on a toasted bakery-style bun.

Spicy foods have been a big trend this year and McDonald's has added a number of spicy items recently including the Hot 'N Spicy McChicken, Mighty Wings, the Southwest Chicken McWrap, Bacon Habernero Quarter Pounder, and most recently, the Buffalo Ranch McChicken.

It looks like the Jalapeno Kicker Sandwiches might be next up for 2014 if they performs well enough.

Jalapeno and white cheddar breakfast sandwiches are also being offered.

Participating McDonald's restaurants in Maryland are also making available the option to add jalapenos to any sandwich (including breakfast sandwiches) for an additional 25 cents while the Jalapeno Kicker Sandwiches are being sold.

The spicy sandwiches have also just recently been introduced to the Colorado market for a limited time.