Nov 24, 2013

Around the World: KFC Japan Tries Out Japanese-Style Fried Chicken Concept

KFC is trying a Japanese-style fried chicken concept out in Japan. Japanese-style fried chicken or karaage features boneless chicken (usually thigh meat) that is marinated (usually in soy sauce, garlic, and ginger) before being battered and fried.

The first location opened earlier this year in October with the second and third locations set to open this week.

The KFC karaage concept restaurants sports a different look than regular KFC locations and resemble a more traditional Japanese look (similar to the food court at some Japanese supermarkets here in the US) and only serve take-out. As such, the locations are targeted to malls and shopping areas with heavy food traffic.

The karaage chicken is offered in four different varieties: garlic soy sauce, Original Recipe (with the Colonel's 11 herbs and spices), spicy garlic soy sauce, and sesame pepper soy sauce.

Rather than by the piece, KFC's karaage chicken is sold by weight: 270 yen (~$2.65 US) for 100g (~3.53 oz or a little less than a quarter of a pound).

The KFC karaage concept stores also serve regular Original Recipe chicken for 240 yen (~$2.35 US) a piece.

Photos: KFC Japan

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