Nov 9, 2013

News: Del Taco Testing Turkey Taco

Del Taco is testing seasoned ground turkey as a healthier option compared to their ground beef. While turkey burgers are available at some fast food chains, the addition of a turkey option would be a first for a major Mexican-style fast food chain.

On my recent trip to Del Taco HQ, I got to experience a shortened version of their consumer research product testing procedures which, to be brief, involved a laptop with questions, a red light, and food sliding out of walls.

During the product test, I tried two test items: a turkey crunchy taco as well as a turkey Crunchtada and with the red light, I couldn't visually tell it was ground turkey and the good news is, when I bit into it, I didn't know it wasn't the typical ground beef. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to take pictures in the test room or of the test products.

The ground turkey option has about 33% less fat than their ground beef and a ground turkey taco clocks in at 160 calories compared to 200 calories for the ground beef version.

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