Nov 19, 2013

Review: Sonic - Island Fire Chicken Sandwich

Sonic's Island Fire Chicken Sandwich features a spicy battered and deep-fried chicken filet, sweet habanero sauce, mayo, lettuce, and tomato on a toasted ciabatta bun i.e. it's basically their Spicy Chicken Sandwich with the addition of the habernero sauce.

I bought one for $4.19.

The chicken filet was juicy with a thin, crispy shell which I find much preferable to the over-battered Super Crunch Chicken Strips. The filet had a fair bit of heat to it and had it taken to the next level with the sweet habanero sauce.

The sweet habanero sauce tasted like a spicy teriyaki sauce with some tangy pineapple notes as well as a touch of honey sweetness to it. I enjoyed it and it provided a welcomed change from the standard spicy sandwich. Combined with the spicy chicken fillet it created a medium heat that lingered on the tongue. It never got to the point that I was clamoring for some milk though.

The tomato and lettuce were fresh and like most fast food produce, relatively unobtrusive.

The ciabatta bun was really soft; softer than I expect ciabatta to be, especially one containing 10 grams of whole grain. It felt less like ciabatta and more like a standard hamburger bun, but was nonetheless enjoyable.

Overall, Sonic's Island Fire Chicken Sandwich was a nice twist on the ubiquitous fast food spicy chicken sandwich with an enjoyable sweet and tangy punch to it.

Nutritional Info - Sonic Island Fire Spicy Chicken Sandwich (293g)
Calories - 720 (from Fat - 320)
Fat - 35g (Saturated Fat - 6g)
Sodium - 1450mg
Carbs - 70g (Sugar - 12g)
Protein - 32g


  1. If you ever want to see the pinnacle of stupidity go through a Mcdonalds drive-thru. It's the SAME MENU, go online or do whatever you have to, to figure out what you want before you go there. Also stop going to the drive thru to order $40 worth of food, you're holding up my $3 order.

  2. Agreed with everything you said. Does anyone not know what Mcdonalds serves? Decide before you get to the order board! It drives me insane when someone pulls up and says they need some time to decide. Way to hold everyone else up.

  3. I believe they are adding this to speed up order times. Lots of drive-thru restaurants like Wendy's and Del Taco (maybe McD's too) have the visible timer clock ticking away while you wait for your order. When they have you pull ahead, that's usually to keep your order time low, which makes corporate happy. They are all about speed. This should probably improve efficiency also by not having to send an employee outside every time there is an order back up.

  4. 98% of the time I go to a fast food restaurant, I know what I want beforehand. However, a lot of people don't have access, time, or the desire to browse an online menu. With the ever-changing menu options, sometimes even I like to browse for a moment. I think a little bit of time to look things over is okay, as long as it's not five minutes of back and forth which I'm sure we've all experienced.

  5. My problem with fast food chicken sandwiches in general is that they always seem to be on the smaller side, but this one in particular looks really small (especially for the price). It looks kind of close in size to those Ciabatta Jack sandwiches at Long John Silver's, and those are less than half the price.

  6. It *is* pretty small, especially given the price. But I had a buy-one-get-one-free coupon and couldn't eat two of them, even without fries, so they're pretty filling.

  7. Go inside the restaurant, stand behind the line and gawk all you like. No need for you to hold up the whole drive through.

  8. Picked up a can this morning and can't stop munching on them. Not overly flavored, but just the right amount that doesn't take away the flavor of the almond.

  9. I like to get an order of cheddar peppers (a.k.a. jalapeno poppers) and substitute the new "island fire" sauce for the ranch that they come with... it makes a great dipping sauce. (Especially seeing as how Sonic's cheddar peppers, while still good, aren't spicy enough for me.) I haven't even tried this sandwich, but I know I really like the island fire sauce.

  10. Call me crazy.. but didn't they do the 2-window thing years ago? Some places still have an unused 2nd window.

  11. Holy shit you fat fuck. Guess what, if I want to randomly browse the menu and it delays your 2000 calorie feast for 1.47 minutes, such is life.

  12. Can you get these in Canada?

  13. I would lean towards guessing no, but I couldn't say for sure.


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