Nov 18, 2013

Taco Bell Test Kitchen Fun - Cantina Sushi

After feasting on a Taco Bell-take on a Thanksgiving meal on a recent visit to their headquarters, I was once again let into their test kitchen to put together my own Taco Bell creation.

After a less-than-inspired go the last time around, I was determined to do better this time and came up with a sushi-roll (or a wrap with two open ends) made with Taco Bell ingredients i.e. 'Cantina Sushi!'

Here's how it came together:

First, I started by cutting a 12" flour tortilla into a square and warming it up.

As Taco Bell-goers probably know, Taco Bell's Latin rice isn't exactly sticky like sushi rice is, so I mixed it with guacamole to get the desired property.

Then, I spread the mixture onto the tortilla, added grilled chicken and tomatoes, and rolled it up somewhat tightly. Someone suggested I should grill it, but with two open ends I'm pretty sure it would have just made a mess in the grill press.

Finally, I cut it into bite-sized pieces and voila! I wasn't actually going for taste but it was pretty good and very avocado-y.

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