Nov 13, 2013

News: Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Add Fresh-Baked Buns

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's have added fresh-baked hamburger buns to their repertoire. The new buns are proofed and baked fresh every morning at each Carl's Jr. or Hardee's location.

The buns are described by the chains as "denser" and "a little sweeter." Visually, they have an egg wash sheen to them.

The buns come standard on the sibling chains' respective premium burger lines (Six Dollar Burgers at Carl's Jr. and Six Dollar Thickburgers at Hardee's) but are also available on any other burger for a small upcharge (30 cents in my area).

I tried the Fresh-Baked Bun back when they were in test and you can see what I thought here.

Here's the one of the TV spot featuring the new buns:

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