Nov 16, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's Italy's Latest Burger Features Walnut Sauce

McDonald's Italy just introduced a new burger featuring local flavors and ingredients called the McItaly Gran Chianina, so named because the hamburger patty is made from 100% Chianina beef, which comes from the same cattle as is used for Florentine steak (Bistecca alla florentina). Among the ingredients are a walnut sauce and a creamy cheese sauce made with pecorino romano.

The rest of the burger is fairly interesting as well: onion rings, lettuce, and a tartaruga ("turtle") roll. It looks quite fancy as far as McDonald's goes.

The Gran Chianina is only available for three weeks.

The premium burger clocks in at 535 calories, 44g of carbs, and 27g of protein.

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