Nov 8, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's Singapore - New Black Sesame McFlurry

McDonald's Singapore adds some local flavor to their McFlurry selection with the new, limited time Black Sesame McFlurry.

The dessert features black sesame mixed into vanilla soft serve and topped with crispy cereal. It's only available at McDonald's dessert kiosks in Singapore and only for a limited time.

The price tag starts at $2.80 SG ($2.25 US).

This isn't a black sesame first for the chain as McDonald's has offered a Black Sesame Sundae in Hong Kong occasionally.

Black sesame is a fairly common ingredient in certain Asian cuisines and is especially popular in some desserts. It's known for a robust nutty flavor. It's also a lot better smelling than durian (which they also offered as a McFlurry in the past).

Here in the US, you might find it in a few frozen yogurt shops like Yogurtland (at select locations) or maybe at a Chinese dessert shop.

Other featured limited-time items at McDonald's Singapore currently include the Ebi Burger, Tropical Tango McFizz, and Banana Pie.

The Ebi Burger is a McDonald's Japan regular item but finds itself in Singapore for a limited time. It's main feature is a deep-fried shrimp patty. It's also being offered in Hong Kong for a limited time.

The Tropical Tango McFizz is a bit like Taco Bell's Mountain Dew A.M. in that it features a blend of soda and fruit juices.

The Banana Pie is a deep-fried turnover-style pie with a sweet banana filling.


  1. I won't lie. It looks as tempting as it did last year. But for $40, I expect some side items to complete the meal. You could get WAY more for $40 from a supermarket selling Turkey dinners.

  2. Think of how many Tuesday Specials you could get for $40...

  3. It is pricey but I will try it anyway. For the blog!


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