Jul 21, 2016

Panda Express Renames Fortune Cookies as "Fortunate Cookies"

For a limited time, Panda Express is renaming and replacing their fortune cookies with "Fortunate Cookies" in a campaign meant to inspire "thoughtful generosity."

Declaring it "Fortunate Cookie Season," the regular forward-looking good fortune slips in each cookie are replaced with more present messages of gratitude such as "Fortunate that you believe in me," "Fortunate for your love," and the like (the actual cookies are the same though). The limited-edition cookies are available through August 10, 2016.

A fortune cookie is typically included for free with any food purchase at Panda Express (they might just give you one for free if you ask for one regardless though...). The chain gives out over 282 million fortune cookies annually.

It might be just me, but it seems like the concept would be more popular around Thanksgiving or Christmas...

Image via Panda Express.

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