Jul 13, 2016

Review: 7-Eleven - Buffalo Chicken Roller

7-Eleven's Buffalo Chicken Roller is described by the chain as "spicy, crispy & just a little cheesy." It's basically a hot dog-shaped roll of chicken with a Buffalo-sauce-flavored crispy shell.

I bought one for $1.49.

Essentially what you get here is a stick of finely-ground chicken that's somewhat moist and meaty. It feels a lot like a giant chicken nugget but is slightly more dense and seems meatier but not so tender (read: overcooked). There's bits of melted cheese here and there for a creaminess that worked a little as a stand in for bleu cheese or ranch dressing.

The shell was crispy and not all that oily. There's a decent Buffalo sauce flavor to it with the requisite tanginess and heat. Likewise, the heat is fairly moderate and never gets too uncomfortable.

Overall, I liked 7-Eleven's Buffalo Chicken Roller. It doesn't do anything particularly well but ticks off the right boxes for a nice enough crispy chicken stick with Buffalo-sauce flavor that works out rather well when you're in the area and just want to tame a quick meat craving. You can consider it a giant Chicken Fry.

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