Jul 27, 2016

Totino's Now Available in New Portable Pizza Sticks

Looking to serve a growing trend in snack foods as accompanying or even replacing meals, General Mills offers new Totino's Pizza Sticks.

Available in Pepperoni and Cheese varieties, the sticks feature pizza toppings, sauce, and cheese rolled up in a soft pizza crust. It's similar to their bite-sized Pizza Rolls but bigger and with a different crust.

Totino's Pizza Sticks are currently being rolled out (so to speak) and can be found in 12.3-oz boxes with six individually-wrapped sticks each. They take about 60 seconds in the microwave to cook.

In other Totino's news, Bacon & Pepperoni, previously a limited-time flavor, has been popular enough to warrant a permanent spot in the pizza line up.

Photo via Totino's.

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