Jul 26, 2016

Review: Flame Broiler - Tofu Bowl

Flame Broiler's Tofu Bowl features charbroiled organic tofu served over white or brown rice (plus blanched veggies and green onions if you choose).

The bowl normally goes for $7.25 but I received this one courtesy of Flame Broiler (and went half-and-half with chicken to compare). The price for the Tofu Bowl sits between their Chicken Bowl and Angus Beef Bowl. It's a pretty good value for a bowl of food that comes close to a pound in weight.

The tofu didn't appear to be marinated or charbroiled with sauce although there did seem to be a very mild hint of the soy sauce-based flavor that accompanies the chain's chicken and beef. There's a light soybean taste as well. It's more of a blank canvas than Flame Broiler's other options and I definitely recommend adding one of their sauces to your preference.

Compared to the chicken, it's a much smoother although similarly substantial protein. The tofu was soft but firm enough to hold together when bitten into. There's a bit of a skin to it from the sides that contacted with the grill but nothing crispy or crunchy.

I went with brown rice and veggies (carrots, broccoli, and cabbage). The rice was nutty with just a slight chew, while the vegetables were crisp but cooked through. I especially like the green onion for an extra bit of flavor and watery crunch.

Overall, Flame Broiler's Tofu Bowl was pleasant but could use a kick in the pants in the sauce department (which you're left to administer yourself). The flavor was light enough that I could just eat it plain without rice or as an accompaniment to the chicken. It is a nice option if you're vegan (or vegetarian) or if you find their beef and chicken overly-marinated.

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