Jul 5, 2016

Review: 7-Eleven - Classic Cheeseburger

7-Eleven's Classic Cheeseburger features a quarter-pound chopped beef steak patty, a slice of American cheese, and pickles on a buttery split top bun.

I bought one for $1.99 (which is also the same price as their new Hot Chicken Sandwich).

My burger came straight from the warmer, which makes the pickles an odd inclusion. I don't know how long the burger had been sitting there but the moisture from the pickles soaked well into the bottom bun and left it a soggy mess that barely managed to keep together. The top bun was light and squishably soft. The pickles themselves lent a contrasting acidity that you'd normally get from ketchup or mustard.

The patty was nice and thick but a bit pink inside, which gave me pause but it looked to be cooked through (and I didn't have any problems afterwards). The meat was slightly spongy and moist, which was a big step up than I remember both my elementary and high school cafeteria's burgers being (and given inflation, they roughly cost the same). It tastes better as well and offered a better texture.

The cheese was the most memorable component as it was thoroughly melted and quite tasty.

Overall, 7-Eleven's Classic Cheeseburger was mostly pretty nice, especially for the price. The bottom bun was awful though. Given that they have a condiment bar for hot dogs and nachos, it'd be better if they let you put in the pickles yourself.

Nutritional Info - 7-Eleven Classic Cheeseburger
Calories - 490 (from Fat - 250)
Fat - 28g (Saturated Fat - 12g)
Sodium - 960mg
Carbs - 35g (Sugar - 4g)
Protein - 23g

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