Jul 12, 2016

Review: McDonald's - New Baked Apple Pie

McDonald's is testing a new version of their Baked Apple Pie in my neck of the woods (Los Angeles). It features bigger sliced apples (rather than diced ones) and a lattice-top.

I decided to try one for 89 cents (when I discovered to my chagrin that these recently replaced my beloved Fried Apples Pies).

The pie indeed contained much larger pieces of apple than the previous version. The apple-to-sauce ratio was definitely swung towards apple, where the previous version tilted more in favor of the sauce. Biting into it, the apples were more tart and resilient compared to the mushier diced apples but still easy to bite through. It wasn't overly sweet and I got the requisite hint of cinnamon.

The crust reminded me of some strudel bites you might buy from the bakery department at the supermarket. Given the general exposure of the filling, I imagine these cool rather quickly. The crust was flecked with a thin bit of crystallized sugar coating at the top edges and had a nice flakiness to it without being too messy.

Overall, the new Baked Apple Pie is better than the previous Baked Apple Pie in that the apple figures a lot more prominently and it generally feels more like a pie you might make at home. That being said, I would much prefer a Fried Apple Pie as it is something I'd never make at home.

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