Jul 21, 2016

Review: McDonald's - Spicy Sriracha Burger

McDonald's Spicy Sriracha Burger features new Sriracha Big Mac sauce, baby kale, baby spinach, white cheddar cheese, crispy onions, tomato, and a choice of beef or chicken as well as bun.

I went with the Quarter Pounder patty and potato bun for $4.99, which seems a bit pricier than normal for their Signature Crafted line, which is typically about $4.50 for burgers without bacon.

The new sauce offered the sweet and tangy notes of Big Mac sauce with the heat of Sriracha. As far as McDonald's goes, it might be the spiciest sauce available on the current menu but the heat faded fairly quickly. The nondescript, melted cheese delivered a vague creaminess but didn't do to much to curb the heat. They both went well with the meatiness of the moist, grilled beef patty.

The baby kale and baby spinach were milder than their full-grown counterparts but provided a bit more chew than you'd get with your typical leaf or iceberg lettuce. Both the leafy greens and tomato were pretty fresh.

The crispy onions were just a little crispy, which was still welcomed. They contributed a nice caramelized and sufficiently onion-y note.

Overall, McDonald's Spicy Sriracha Burger turned out rather nicely. It's a solidly spicy burger that doesn't travel too far from the standard ingredients. The  baby kale and spinach seem an attempt at adding a "healthy" halo that's relatively inoffensive. If they ever expand the Taste Crafted / Signature Crafted / whatever-crafted concept nationwide, I can see this one going with it.

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