Jan 13, 2015

Review: Pizza Hut - Quepapas

Pizza Hut's Quepapas are only available at some locations and feature mini potato bites filled with cheese and jalapenos.

It was $4.25 for an order of 15 Quepapas.

These aren't quite like cheesy tater tots because, while they're deep-fried and roughly the same size, each Quepapas has a crisp shell of breading around it. They're also shaped more like medallions rather than cylinders.

Inside, there's diced potatoes and a cheesy sauce with just a hint of jalapeno flavor. If you're worried about the heat, these almost have none. Still, the cheese, jalapeno, and potato combo works well.

Overall, Pizza hut's Quepapas are pretty enjoyable. They're fairly basic crispy, bite-sized rounds of cheesy potatoes, but cheese and potatoes tend to work well together.

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