Jul 24, 2015

McDonald's Hong Kong Gets a Whole Minion Menu as Well as Minion Cutlery

While we might get Happy Meal toys and strawberry banana yogurt as part of McDonald's worldwide Minions movie tie-in, McDonald's Hong Kong gets a whole Minions menu... plus a whole set of Minions cutlery to boot.

The "Summer Bello Party" Minions menu is part of the McDonald's Hong Kong McCafe menu. It includes a Banana Chocolate Roll Cake, Iced Banana Chocolate (i.e chocolate milk with a dose of banana flavor), Philippines Mango Frappe (seems like more a general summer drink that just got thrown in), and hot Banana Chocolate (i.e. hot cocoa with banana flavor). To carry on the menu theme, the iced drink cup features a Minion design and the Banana Chocolate gets a stenciled cocoa Minion design on top of its foamed milk.

Additionally, on the regular menu, there's also a burger offered in conjunction with the Minions campaign. They're calling it the "Eggcellent Silly Double Beef" burger, which includes a cracked egg (a la Egg McMuffin) and two beef patties. If it sounds familiar, it's an exact retread of the same burger they offered as a Batman-themed burger previously.

But that's not all: they're also serving a Pineapple Sundae, fried Banana Pie, Calamansi McFloat (all yellow dessert items to match the Minions), and a shareable box of fried chicken wings (the "Funny Sharing Box").

Furthermore, you can also score a cutlery set (spoon and fork), featuring one of three Minions, for an additional charge when you buy some (Minion) food.

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